This is a good option to get outside Bangkok to avoid traffic. You got to see the real local in these place. It takes only one and a haft driving from Bangkok. I put this all together for one day tour in this province called “Samutsongkram”. Please check it out.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the first place that we will visit for today. This is actual Thailand since in the past let’s say a hundred years ago, people use boat for transportation and commercial. This cannel is their everything, for living, for doing a business and earn money. As you see this floating market is quite important for the people in this area until nowadays. The length of this cannel is 32 Kilometers and 200 aisles. This is the biggest floating market in Thailand. It’s the most tourist attractions place once you are already here should go visit. We should come here early, the market open from 6 o’clock until noon.

It’s quite interesting place, you will get the boat riding around for almost 1 hour. There are many vendors selling some food or souvenirs on the boat as shown in the picture.

Elephant Village

Next place, Elephant Village. As you know, Thailand elephant is best friend ever since. Elephant used to be an animal for battle. The king rode on them for war and they also help to carry the heavy stuff. The elephants in this village are healthy. They treat them very well, never lack out of food. As I would recommend the tourists to come here for elephant trekking. Unlike others place where they don’t treat elephant well and only use them for overtime working a day. The tourists can not enjoy much while riding on their back. The elephant will walk through the small river and around the small forest. You can feel natural, have a lot of fun while riding them.

Maeklong Railway Market

This is the only market where the train passes through in the middle. You can not find anywhere else but here. The exciting moment is when the time the train passes through. We will need to be there on train department and arrival schedule. As the Maeklong Railway station is in this place so there are total 8 times a day back and forth. Not only to enjoy the train and environment but there are a lot of local food for tourist to explore as well as Thai snack and souvenir to try it out.

Wat BangKung

Wat BangKung, this is an in-artificial temple. As you can see the root wrap up around the temple by naturally. This is another tourist attraction that can’t be missed.

We have done a lot of thing for today and it’s time to go home and relax. I hope you enjoy my recommendation for one day trip.


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