Baan Sukhawadee is a meaningful house because of the combination of sacred statue that shows different gods and its color white, pink and blue. Pink is referring for love “The place without love is meaningless”, Blue is for water that initiated all life. Water can reform into a different shape if human can also adapt to all situation or the changing of the world, we all can be happy.


Since the year of 2000, the Thailand economy crisis issue cause all Thai business had been taken over by foreign country. The house was built by Saha Farm (the biggest chicken producing company in Thailand) The owner aims to show the capability of Thai people was even during the economy crisis, we can be able to build this amazing place to show the world. The house is located in the area of 128,000 sqm with the 400 meters beach length.

Sukhawadee house was made of love, intelligent, unity, dedicated and team work. All together became this beautiful house. The main building are as follows:

1 Main building & Goddess of Mercy
2 Buddha tower
3 Sukhawadee?s Pillar Shrine
4 Yin – Yang Zone
5 Buddhabaramee/Convention Hall) /Royal Chalermprakiet stage
6 Salah Dome  /Airis Sophia?s souvenir shop
7 Saha Farm Station
8 Saha Farm Kitchen & Restaurant
9 Club House
10 Hall of Truth

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