Crocodile Farm

The farm was established since 1950 until now a day, it is named for the biggest crocodile farm in the world! There are 60,000 crocodiles on the farm. Speaking of the crocodile farm, the main important thing that attracts a lot of tourists to visit each year is “crocodile show”.

It’s the most excitement and dangerous show ever! This will keep us awake through the whole show. If someone ever wants to get closer to them, can also take pictures with them after the show finished by under control by the trainer specialist. The show is held every hour from 09.30-16.30. Nevertheless, you also will have a chance to test crocodile meat in the restaurant. And for those who like leather product also can enjoy shopping.

Besides, walk around inside the area for visiting the diversity of animals’ exhibition such as tigers, chimpanzees, turtles, snakes, birds, hippos, deer, fishes, etc. You will get a chance to feed and see them closely.


Especially, feeding crocodile is fun. We can buy a chicken which is hanged with rope and tie up with the stick. Then, through it into their month. Be careful not to let children hold the stick when they drag the meat down, it might drag your baby down at the same time.

Besides, tourists get to see the tiger and take pictures with them. This is the moodiest tiger ever. It took me many minutes to make the tiger stay still since he was sleeping and the trainer woke him up with the grumpy sound (roar). Don’t be afraid, no matter how much he is annoyed with us. This tiger has been trained since he was young and he never hurt anybody otherwise, it will be beaten up so stay calm!


Never miss the elephant show! it’s the most relaxing and enjoyable show. They can dance, play a sport like a football, bowling as well as walking on the robe and many more. The show starts right after the crocodile show finished which is every hour from 09.30-16.30.


Open every day from 07.00 -18.00 o’clock


  Thai                       Foreigner

Adult                        60                                300

Children                  30                                200


Samutprakarn province

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