Elephant Sanctuary

We all want to be with elephant once, to learn about their living lifestyle and history. You will experience the way that it suppose to be with the elephant, not the one when they are being mistreated. There is no elephant show or elephant trekking. Haft day enjoy the real moment with the elephant, will give you the memorable experience which it’s not easy to get this close with a big animal like this. Only in Thailand, you can do. You will explore how friendly and how happy they are when it’s being treated right. See what we have for the package on the haft day.

Haft Day Visit (Morning/ Afternoon)

– Feeding
– Mud Spa with the elephant
– Make paper from elephants poop.
*Pick uptime
Morning: 06.30 – 07.00 AM
Afternoon: 12.30 – 13.00 PM
**Depend on the traffic**
Included lunch and free transportation and souvenir
Price / Persons
Adult: 2,500 THB
Child: 4-10 Years old: 1,900 THB
Child under < 3 years old FREE
Mud spa for elephant
Taking a baht for elephant

Elephant Delightful Poop Paper (Morning/Afternoon)

– Feeding, Photograph
– Learn about elephants behavior and history
– Make paper from elephants poop
Meeting time
Morning: 09.30 AM
Afternoon 15.30 AM

Included food for feeding elephants
Not included transportation & lunch

Price / Person
Adult: 650 THB
Child 4-10 years old: 500 THB
Child under < 3 years old FREE