Safari World & Marine Park

Do you like animals? If yes, then don’t refuse to come here. This is the largest zoo in Bangkok, 480 acres (190 ha). There are a variety of shows for you to enjoy watching. As you see from the picture below, these monkeys will stand by after finished their performance.  I am an animal lover, especially monkey. Let explore Safari World with me in one day.

Orangutan Show

This is a fantastic show is ongoing all day. If it’s possible, try to attend every show because you can’t imagine how much fun you have otherwise you would regret not seeing them all.

This is a nice place to see outside of Bangkok. Try to escape from the city environment, traffic, crowded and so on. To breathe in the fresh air within the natural environment. You can explore 5 km. of the African Safari wilderness in either private car or the free bus.

Driving through the jungle where many different kinds of animals stand by your car. This is a good way to get closer to them. The most exciting thing is to see tiger without a cage! and they can walk freely everywhere but don’t be afraid because we are inside the car unless you want to walk outside.

The picture is not so clear because it was taken through the bus’s window.

Moreover, never miss the fearsome feeding show of Land’s most ferocious predators; lion, and tiger. The show will be at 10.00 o’clock.

After finishing roaming around the forest, enjoy the marine animals show like sea lion and dolphins. They can dance, play sport, jump, swimming, etc. At the end of the show, you will have a chance to take a photo with them while they are kissing on your cheek.

On top of all animals sighting, you can enjoy the exciting show daily like spectacular Spy War action stunts, water skiing, Hollywood cowboy stunts.

Then move to the exhibits featuring white tiger, fantasy carp garden tapir Kingdom, crocodile garden, birth and much more. This is an all-day tour. If you decide to come here for a few hours, I would not recommend it because you won’t have a chance to get to everything.

Elephant Show

More than that, this is another show that you can’t miss, the elephant show. Who can believe that they are such a huge animal but people can actually train them for the show? The elephant is an intelligent animal. They have been a contributor to Thai society and its icon for many centuries. I can guarantee that you will never ever get bored of their show. This is not just for children but adults also can enjoy it.

The open hours are from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.

Admission Fee:

Foreigner   Safari Park      Marine Park      Both

Adult                 800                  1,000             1,200

Children           700                    800                900

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