Suan Nong Nooch was created in by Mr. NongNooch T. Sajja who went aboard to visit the exhibition of planting, flowers, and garden and eventually failed in love with the garden from foreign countries. He initiated the Suan Nong Nooch garden idea. It’s one of the most beautiful gardens which combined more than 50 styles of gardens. The whole places were decorated with plants and trees from around the world. It covers an area of 2.4

Garden Displayed

Animals Statue Displayed

Not only displayed a different kind of plants but also the statue of various animals like pig, dinosaur, crocodile, giraffe, bear, turtle, rhinoceros etc. You will enjoy taking pictures with all kind of animals statue and garden at the same time.

The vast landscapes make it easy for traveling around and see the view in surrounding area widely. Either by walking on the sky Walk Bridge or shuttle bus service.

Good for leisure time, relaxing and enjoy the beautiful garden with different theme and section. They are well maintained, clean, stylish and colorful. You will amaze of the perfect decoration and creativity of the garden. The displayed of many famous gardens like French garden, Stonehenge or European Renaissance garden and furthermore.

Supercars Displayed

Additionally, there is a display of supercars that were collected by the owner of this place. We have no chance to see these kinds of car everywhere, so enjoy!

Thai Traditional Dancing show

There are also various activities like Thai traditional dancing show, elephant show, and elephant trekking, also nice resort inside for tourist who would like to spend more day.

Elephant show
 Elephant Trekking


Open hourly: 07.00-18.00, every day

Ticket fee: Foreigner 800 bath, Thai 500 bath included garden, elephant show and Thai traditional show.


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