This is the place that we don’t expect it to be seen in Bangkok. Speaking of Bangkok, the first thing that you could think of is busy, crowded, fancy shopping mall, hotels, sky scrapper etc. This is an unseen or hiding place. Only 25-kilometer drive from Sukhumvit area.

Taling Chan Floating market has shown the remnants of old Thai traditional lifestyle beside the canal. The market displays shop for the diversity of foods, fruits, drinks, dessert and souvenir. They are Thai authenticate products. The vendors are selling stuff on both sides of the street at the entrance before reaching the pier where we go for boat riding. Walking a little bit furthermore, there are some vendors selling stuff on the boat as well and also a place to sit for eating.

The highlight of food here must be the giant grill fishes, sea-bass, snapper, and big prawn but of course, there is Thai food menu that they will cook for you by order. They are fresh food and delicious. 

Big Prawn

After than finished eating, it’s time for a boat tour.

They are a different program of boat tour, no matter 1 or 2 hours of boat tour, still worth it because the ticket fee for all program is so cheap and same price for both Thai and foreigner.

Here is the boat program tour.

Program 1

This is once a day boat tour for 3 hours, start at 09.30.

Ticket fee per person: adult 99 baths, children 60 baths.

  • Tour 3 markets, will take you to most of all famous floating market:
  • Klong Lat Ma Yom,
  • Wang Saphan and Taling Chan floating market.

Program 2

  • Tour orchid farm, temple, and market.

This is once a day boat tour for 3 hours start at 13.00

Ticket fee per person: adult 99 baths, children 60 bathFor this trip the tourist will get to see Wat Koh or island temple which is located in the middle of the canal. There is Monk’s corpse whose body passed away 312 years ago and was laid inside the glass box for us to pray.

  • Orchid garden
  • Bang Saphan floating market,
  • Visit monk statue in Ayutthaya period at the temple.
  • Stop by at another temple call Wat Pank Num, for fishes feeding, there are a thousand of huge catfishes. It’s another fun activities to do as well.
  • On the way back, stop at Khao Larm shop. You will really enjoy the taste of the sweetness and a flavor of coconut milk, sugar mixed with sticky rice and put inside a bamboo shoot. This is must try for Thai dessert, you will love it.

Program 3

  • Tour snake farm Thonburi

Once hour tour starts at 13.00 once a day.

Ticket fee per one person: adult 150 baths, children 60 bath

– The boat takes to the same way that the army in Thonburi period, used to travel on the way for battle. To see the snakes show and different kind of snakes.

– Then visit Luang Poh Sot at Wat Park Num

Program 4

One hour tour around the island starts from 12-15 every 30 minutes. Only 69 bath person one price for both adult and children.

Fishes feeding, visit island temple (Wat Koh), sightseeing for Thai traditional style of old houses, old temples since Ayutthaya period of time.

Program 5

Make merit to temple 400 years old.

This is a 3 hours tour. This program is meant for those whose attention is to make merit, make a good wish and get good luck in life by paying respect and pray with more than 10 temples and old monk’s statue in each famous temple from Ayutthaya period of time.

Not just only the place that the boat will take you, but also enjoy the feeling of nice breezy and sightseeing on both side of the canal. The classy style of wooden house that Thai local people are actually live there. They use a boat as their transportation. 

The market only opens on the weekend and holidays in occasionally, from 8 am until 5 pm.

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