Wat Chai Wattanaram

Wat ChaiWattanaram was built in 1630 by King Prasat Thong during the later period of Ayutthaya which is almost  400 years ago. After his coronation day, the king instructed to build this temple to commemorate his mother’s hometown and celebrate the victory of defeating the Khmer.


What ChaiWattanaram was the cremation site for members of the Royal Family. The King would perform religious rites here as well. It had been renovated of all time. 

Before the defeated of Ayutthaya in 1767, Wat Chaiwattanaram was once the base army camp. After the loss of Ayutthaya, Wat Chaiwattanaram has been abandoned. There were criminals stealing and digging for treasure. The Buddha head was cut out and stolen. The temple’s wall has been taken out for sell. Then, in the year of 1987, the Fine Arts Department conserved the temple until finished in 1992. 


The main Prang (Pagoda) is located in the middle of 8 Prangs in semi-circle surrounded area. The Prang tower has 7 layers, each decorated by jackfruit leaves shape but on top is in the lotus flowers shape.

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